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Aug 31, 2021

Kenneth Neal's Apricot, Cheddar and Chicken Salad Sandwich

Recently, we introduced you to Chef Kenneth Neal, one of our Culinary Training Program grads who owns a business. On ...

Jul 22, 2021

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Craving lip-smacking barbecue chicken wings? Chef Jill's sweet honey BBQ sauce recipe is easy to make and so tasty yo...

Jun 11, 2021

Cheesy Corn Fritters with Hot Honey

Cheesy Corn Fritters drizzled with Hot Honey, a delicious and easy to make recipe by Chef Ian Russell of Smoke & Donuts in Orlando using A Spoon Full of Hope Orange Blossom Honey for a sweet heat drizzle of goodness on the perfectly crisp fritters. A tasty accompaniment to grilled or BBQ meats for your summer cookouts!

May 1, 2021

Pickled Summer Vegetables

Recipe by Lisa Wilk, 5 oz Green Beans, cleaned and trimmed5 oz Asparagus, cleaned and trimmed1 Jalap...

Apr 25, 2021

Oven-Baked Honey Serrano Chicken Wings

Recipe by Lisa Wilk, 2 Pounds-Chicken Wings-cut into two pieces, discarding the tip1 Tablespoon-Oliv...

Apr 22, 2021

Fried Goat Cheese Balls with Wildflower Honey

Chef Jill Holland shares her addictive Fried Goat Cheese Balls drizzled with A Spoon Full of Hope Wildflower Honey fo...

Mar 12, 2021

Honey Cornbread Recipe

Honey Cornbread Recipe using A Spoon Full of Hope Wildflower Honey For Good is the perfect accompaniment to our Tomato Basil Soup, Butternut Squash Chili, Easter Ham, BBQ and more!

Feb 22, 2021

Baklava Cheesecake with Caramelized Orange Blossom Honey

Recently, six student chefs studying culinary arts in Second Harvest's Culinary Training Program participated in Orla...

Nov 13, 2020

Honey Caramel Apples

Watch Chef Jill make these delicious honey caramel apples and follow along using the recipe below:   Ingredients: 1 c...

Nov 13, 2020

Sticky Honey & Chocolate Monkey Bread

Watch Chef Jill make this chocolatey monkey bread and follow along using the recipe below:   Ingredients: 1/3 cup sug...

Nov 5, 2020

Sweet Honey Corn Dogs

Watch Chef Jill make this fun family meal and follow along using the recipe below Ingredients: 1 cup corn meal ½ cup...

Nov 3, 2020

Honey Tarragon Chicken Salad

Watch Chef Jill make this chicken salad and follow along using the recipe below Yield: 1 ½ lbs  Ingredients:  18 oz ...
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