Oven-Baked Honey Serrano Chicken Wings

Recipe by Lisa Wilk, TasteCookSip.com

2 Pounds-Chicken Wings-cut into two pieces, discarding the tip
1 Tablespoon-Olive Oil
1/2 Tablespoon-Ginger-peeled and grated over microplane
3 Cloves-Garlic-grated over microplane
3 Serrano Peppers-2 halved with seeds, 1 sliced into strips
1/4 Cup Honey For Good Raw & Unfiltered Palmetto Honey
1/4 Cup- Rice Wine Vinegar (unseasoned)
1 Tablespoon Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
3 Tablespoons-Unsalted Butter
Multipurpose herb seasoning
To Taste-Kosher Salt/Black Pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Spray foil with canola or coconut oil spray.
  2. Pat wings dry, lightly season both sides with multi-herb seasoning, salt and pepper. Place on sheet tray.
  3. Roast for 12-15 minutes, flipping each piece over after first 10 minutes.

    While wings are baking make sauce.

    • Heat oil in a small saucepan or skillet over medium heat. Add ginger and garlic to warm through until fragrant. Add all serrano pepper.
    • Season with salt/pepper and cook stirring frequently until peppers begin to soften, 1-2 minutes.
    • Add Honey to pan, stirring to incorporate. Heat to a gentle bubble. 
    • Add Rice Wine Vinegar,Tamari, brown sugar and butter, stir to combine.
    • Heat over medium heat to a simmer or until glaze thickens slightly. Remove from heat and allow to cool for about 5 minutes.

  4. Brush glaze over wings and return sheet pan to oven for 5 minutes until glaze has caramelized. (or until the internal temperature of wings is 155-160 degrees.)
  5. Remove from oven. Brush more glaze over wings as desired, or toss with glaze in a bowl. Place wings on a serving platter, garnish with cooked sliced Serrano peppers. Serve with pickled summer veggies.


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